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[PRODUCT INFORMATION] Product Size : 118*243*90 Product Weight : 1282.5g Material : ABS [CARE INSTRUCTION] • The user manual contains important information of the device. Please keep it in a safe place for the future reference and read through it carefully. • Before using the device, wipe it with a dry towel to remove dust. • Do not use abrasives or solvents, and please keep the product away from the water. • Do not use alcohol or volatile liquids to clean the product. • For the first use of the product, fully charge. • Please charge the battery once every six months to prevent damage of the battery as it may become discharged if it is not used for a long time. • Do not connect the charger if the battery is damaged. • It is recommended to remove the cable when you use mood lamp and desk lamp at the same time. • Do not disassemble the battery or product arbitrarily or use it for any other purpose. • It is recommended to use a power adapter that is certified. • Please stop charging and discharging if the product gets too hot. Immediately disconnect the product from the charger. • We are not responsible for breakdown or damage caused by careless handling.